Tuesday, 27 September 2011

On the 20th of August we recorded two new songs for a compilation which will (if i am correct / it sticks) be called "Split Scene" dedicated to the goings on of albeit a small, yet vast majority of true bands that keep AHC as a reality and not letting the little scenester fuckwits go about claiming things they don't have any part in. 

Anyway, vocals, mixing and mastering was completed last Thursday (22nd Sept.)  so maybe if i can figure out how technology works i'll make some sort of teaser or something. 

We're not playing any shows after the Edge Day 2011 show on the 16th of October so unless there's something really ridiculous you wont see us play a show until early / mid january. So if you want to see us, see us this weekend in Byron with Shackles & Downpour both of which are sicker than Freddy Mercury when he died of AIDS or see us at Edge Day which we are opening at something like 12.30PM. (Hurt X Unit, Ill Brigade, Never Right, Square X One, Civil War, Thick X Skin, Connections, TYF Covers...all also playing)

Check this song out....it's better than most songs, ever. 

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